Dean: Judge Who Said Clinton Violated Policy ‘Doesn’t Have Any Better Idea What’s Going On Than Anyone Else’

MSNBC anchor argues with former DNC chair over private email scandal

Former Chairman of the DNC Howard Dean was in denial on Friday over a federal judge who said Hillary Clinton violated government email policy.

"Well, I think part of it is the media feeding frenzy," Dean said. "This is pack journalism at its worse."

On Thursday, a federal judge, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton, said Clinton violated government policy with the use of a private server when she was Secretary of State.

"It’s not cleared that that's true, actually," Dean said. "All due respect to the federal judge, the federal judge doesn't have any better idea of what's going on here than anybody else. Violating policy is not violating the law."

Dean said the email story is nothing more than a right-wing attack on Clinton.

"This is a classic press feeding frenzy, fed, I might add, by the right wing," Dean said.

Dean also criticized his fellow Democrat Rep. John Yarmuth (D., Ky.), who said the email story could upend Clinton’s campaign.

"Well, look, I like John Yarmuth a lot and he's a terrific addition to Congress," Dean said. "But my belief is that the reason that John Yarmuth doesn't [know] what the facts are because he gets nine versions a day from the various articles that are put out."