DCCC Chairman Dodges Charge That His Committee Supports Anti-Semitic Candidates

October 28, 2018

In an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (D., N.M.) dodged the charge thrown at him by NRCC Chairman Rep. Steve Stivers (R., Ohio) that the DCCC supports anti-Semitic or bigoted candidates such as Leslie Cockburn and Scott Wallace.

"We are the only major party committee to cut off a candidate for their behavior," Stivers said. "Seth Grossman who said bigoted things, we cut him off...The DCCC continues to support Leslie Coburn and Scott Wallace who have said bigoted and anti-Semitic things."

"Congressman Lujan, Congressman Stivers says you have continued to back people who have trafficked in hate speech. What say you?" asked host Chuck Todd.

"First off, that's simply not true," Lujan began, before continuing,"but look...another senseless act of hate has stricken yet another community and a place of worship and the Congress has a responsibility to act to keep the people safe...[We] need to rise above all the accusations and the hate and the finger pointing."

The Free Beacon previously reported about Cockburn's antisemitic remarks and views.

Cockburn has been branded a "virulent anti-Semite" by Virginia Republicans due to a 1991 book she wrote on Israel that, according to the New York Times, is "largely dedicated to Israel-bashing for its own sake."

"Its first message is that, win or lose, smart or dumb, right or wrong, suave or boorish, Israelis are a menace," the Times wrote. "The second is that the Israeli-American connection is somewhere behind just about everything that ails us."

In a debate held in a synagogue in Bensalem, Pennsylvania last week, Scott Wallace dropped the F-bomb.

Both Cockburn and Wallace are currently endorsed by the DCCC.