DC Residents Call for Dem Mayor’s Resignation

Embattled Washington, D.C. mayor Vincent Gray has lost the support of the people who swept him into office in 2010.

According to the Washington Post, 54 percent of D.C. residents say Gray should resign in the wake of a revelation that he allegedly maintained a $650,000 shadow election fund. Gray won the 2010 mayoral election with an identical portion of the vote.

The public sentiment that Gray should resign crosses virtually all demographics in the city, according to the poll. Across categories of sex, ideology, party identification, income, age and geography, more say Gray should resign than not. African Americans and those 65 and older are closely divided on whether Gray should step down.

The numbers suggest that Gray cannot rely on a deep well of support from any particular group as he fends off questions about the investigation and his continued tenure as mayor. East of the Anacostia River, an area where 82 percent of voters preferred Gray in the 2010 Democratic primary, a plurality of residents now think he should step down, 48 percent to 43 percent.

The Washington Post poll echoes the sentiments of district councilmembers who have also called on the mayor to resign.

Gray denies any knowledge of the fund.