Dana Milbank: America ‘Miserable’ Under Obama

Liberal Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, commenting on President Obama's dismal approval ratings, remarked sarcastically that, "considering how miserable all of America is, a 39 percent approval rating actually isn't that bad."

Milbank also characterized Obama as "very stubborn when it comes to getting out there on the golf course," observing that, while President George W. Bush eventually gave up golfing, Obama has kept to his routine in the face of biting criticism.

Milbank noted that Obama's tenacity in golf provides a bit of a contrast with his lack of resolve in "all the other things where he seems to give a speech and then tiptoe away from it."

"If he could be as stubborn as he is about continuing his golf game about some of his domestic policies, I think we might get some results," Milbank said.