Continetti: Liberal Media Backed Into Double Standard Over Coverage of Impeachment

February 2, 2020

Washington Free Beacon founding editor Matthew Continetti on Sunday said the left-leaning media are "demoralized" and trapped by their own logic in their coverage of the Senate's impeachment trial.

"They're kind of backed into this double standard, which we often see. If the trial was a sham, what was the impeachment?" Continetti said during a panel discussion on Fox News's MediaBuzz. "Because the question in the trial was, 'are we going to have witnesses?' And the witnesses in question that they wanted weren't called by the House."

Continetti also pointed out the media's double standard in its treatment of President Donald Trump's counsel compared with the House Democrats' impeachment managers, especially Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.).

"[Patrick] Philbin is just as good a lawyer as Schiff, but Schiff gets all the positive coverage," Continetti said.

The mainstream media and liberal commentators have been quick to praise Schiff's performance, the Free Beacon recently reported, with talking heads arguing he would be remembered for "generations to come" and that he was "dazzling," "masterful," "very, very good," and "awfully impressive."