Conor Lamb: ‘My Mind Has Not Changed’ in Opposing GOP Tax Reform

Pennsylvania Democratic Congressional candidate Conor Lamb said during a Monday debate that his mind has not changed about his opposition to the Republican tax reform law.

The debate moderator read out a statement from the White House praising raises, bonuses, and wage increases that have resulted from tax reform, which was passed in December.

"That tax bill, as you know, passed with zero voted from Democrats. You've been a critic of that tax bill. Have any of the good things that have happened for workers since its passage changed your mind?" he asked Lamb.

"Ken, I'm very happy that our working and middle-class people are receiving more money in their paychecks. I've always been for middle-class tax cuts," Lamb said.

Lamb insisted however that he worried about rising health premiums and debt.

"We didn't need to add a penny to our debt to have the tax cut for our working and middle-class people. We now know that 85, 90 percent of that trillion and a half dollars were to the one percent," Lamb said.

"It was a giveaway," Lamb continued. "I don't think that was right. So to answer your question, my mind has not changed."

Lamb finished his answer arguing against the corporate tax cut, which led to many businesses giving additional employee bonuses and announcing wage increases.

"I think we should have followed those who said that we should have limited it to a working and middle-class tax cut without adding a penny to the debt," he said.

Lamb is facing off in a special election against Republican candidate Rick Saccone in the race for the seat recently vacated by Republican Tim Murphy in Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District. Voters will go to the polls on March 13.