Cole on Obama and GOP: ‘He Doesn’t Want to Work with Them at All’

Rep. Tom Cole (R., Okla.) expressed his frustration at President Obama's lack of willingness to reach out and work with Republicans.

"We see absolutely no give on the other side in terms of how we are approaching issues like the sequester, like the continuing resolution, and like the debt ceiling crisis. All of which are in front of us. To solve those, and resolve them successfully for the country, the President does have to work with Republicans. That's something he's had a hard time doing in his first term, and frankly now it appears he doesn't want to work with them at all, and that's too bad because this isn't 2009. He doesn't have overwhelming majorities in both houses. To get something done, he's going to have to bring a Republican house on board to work with him, just like Bill Clinton did. It's not that hard to do…"