CNN Tweets Out Mocking Video of Donald Trump


CNN tweeted out a video on Thursday night mocking President Donald Trump, editing clips of his press briefing earlier that day to make him look like the conductor of a symphony.

"Turn your sound up and watch President Trump conduct an amazing symphony — er, press conference," CNN tweeted from it's official account.

The video, reported Friday by Mediaite, shows Trump's words being muted and music playing in the background as a way to mock him for his hand gestures when he speaks in public settings.

"CNN isn't doing themselves any favors with this action, as they aren't exactly taking the high road," Mediaite noted. Trump has continuously called the network "fake news," including at the press briefing that the clips were pulled from.

Some Twitter users came to Trump's defense, while others expressed their dislike for the cable news network.

Some just took the opportunity to get a shot in at former President Barack Obama.