CNN: Pelosi Sounding 'Trumpian,' Can't Blame Media for Her Problems

August 15, 2018

CNN political analyst John Avlon said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's (D., Calif.) recent broadside at the press was "Trumpian," saying Wednesday she couldn't blame the media for her problems.

Progressive host Jonathan Capehart confronted Pelosi on Sunday about NBC News' report on 51 Democrats running for Congress or already in office who oppose her being party leader again, and she replied NBC was on a "jag" to "undermine my prospects as speaker." Many younger members of the party have called for her to step aside and are tired of the nationally unpopular Pelosi being used as a cudgel by Republicans against vulnerable Democrats.

CNN, an outlet particularly sensitive to media criticism, did a "Reality Check" segment about Pelosi on "New Day."

"There's a lot of understandable focus on the GOP's civil war these days, but Democrats have their own growing divisions, and lately House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is sounding a little, dare we say, Trumpian," Avlon said.

Avlon noted the House minority leader has accused her critics of sexism, ageism and being afraid of her, and "some of that may be true," but Pelosi's 55 percent approval rating among Democrats is at its lowest mark in nine years.

Among those skeptical of her as leader are democratic socialist candidates Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, the latter of whom bluntly said she would "probably not" support Pelosi as party leader in Congress.

"Not exactly a ringing endorsement," Avlon said.

"One thing Pelosi can't blame for her troubles? The media," he concluded.

The Free Beacon recently reported that with a combined age of 235 years, the House Democratic leadership team of her, Hoyer, and Clyburn, is nearly as old as the United States (242 years).