CNN: Landrieu Ad With Fake Footage Is ‘Blowing Up in Her Face’

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D., La.) is coming under fire for fake footage she used in her latest ad. Landrieu’s attempt to present herself as a serious politician is "blowing up in her face," CNN declared.

Senate rules prohibit candidates from using video footage of Senate hearings in their ads. In order to bypass the rules, Landrieu reenacted a particular scene from the Senate hearings.

She recreated the Senate hearing and played it in her newest ad. The ad shows a family watching the news on their television, when Landrieu appears speaking during the Senate hearing. "Do you think there are a bunch of fairy godmothers out there that just wave a magic wand?" she asks at the hearing.

The fake footage is obvious, with actors sitting behind her at the hearing and the incorrect name plates in the ad.