CNN Interviews Yale Classmate Who Saw Kavanaugh Throw Ice During Bar Fight

• October 2, 2018 10:46 am


A Yale classmate of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh described the time in college when Kavanaugh threw ice at someone at a bar.

Chad Ludington, who went to the bar with Kavanaugh and another friend, Chris Dudley, on the night of the incident, discussed the incident on CNN's "Cuomo Primetime" with Chris Cuomo. Ludington said he, Kavanaugh, and Dudley went to a bar called Demery's after attending a UB40 concert one night in 1985. While at the bar, they spotted someone who looked like the band's frontman.

"At some point we looked over at this fellow who looked very similar to the lead singer of UB40, a guy named Ali Campbell, and we kind of give him the eye, looking at this guy," said Ludington. "Is that really him? Could he really be here? And if so, we'll introduce ourselves and say ‘great show' and maybe share a beer with him, whatever."

Ludington said the man did not appreciate being stared at by the three college students.

"He saw us looking at him and didn't like the fact that we were looking at him," Ludington continued, "so he said something like ‘what the hell are you looking at?' And I said, ‘Oh we just thought you were the lead singer of UB40.' And he said something fairly aggressive, frankly, you know, ‘I'm not and screw off' or something to that degree."

According to Ludington, Kavanaugh took offense at what the man said.

"At that point, Brett took umbrage at this and threw his beer at the guy. I actually now found out from the report that it wasn't beer that I had misremembered. It was ice cubes in whatever the drink was he was drinking. We weren't drinking water so it must have been some sort of mixed drink."

"Brett said ‘fuck you' or something to that effect, and threw the ice at the guy, and the guy understandably, even though he had been aggressive in his response, found that was a little, one step too far, so he took a swing at Brett, and then they were kind of two guys fighting, but it was all very quick," Ludington added.

Ludington said Dudley then smashed his drink against the other person's head.

"The melee went on very briefly. I don't know what Brett was doing exactly, but I was pulling Chris back and someone else was pulling the other guy back," Ludington said.

The police showed up within minutes, according to Ludington, who noted that "the big mistake had been the smashing of the glass against the guy's head, so Chris was put in a squad car and taken down to jail."

Both Ludington and Kavanaugh were questioned by the police.

A police report shows Kavanaugh was involved in an altercation with 21-year-old Dom Cozzolino while he was a junior at Yale. The report says Dudley denied throwing a glass at Cozzolino, while Kavanaugh did not want to say whether or not he threw the ice. The report did not indicate any arrests or charges filed.

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