CNN: Clinton Advisers ‘Manage Her to Within an Inch of Her Life’

October 11, 2016

CNN host Alisyn Camerota wondered Tuesday why Hillary Clinton’s advisers have to "manage her to within an inch of her life" during an interview with one of her surrogates, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D., N.Y.).

A new tranche of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails released by WikiLeaks shows a team that goes to great lengths to handle their candidate. The New York Times published a story about how Clinton’s aides carefully managed her shifted position on the Keystone XL Pipeline, a project that began while she was secretary of state but which she eventually opposed amid pressure from the party’s left flank.

In another email, communications director Jennifer Palmieri wondered whether Clinton should crack a joke about her email server scandal.

"It’s a front-page New York Times article about just how managed Hillary Clinton is, just how much debate in her campaign goes into everything that comes out of her mouth," Camerota said. "There was a debate among her advisers about whether or not she should tell a joke at a dinner. Why do they manage her to within an inch of her life?"

Jeffries, as Clinton supporters often do, said that Clinton in private is "personable."

"Look, the Hillary Clinton that I know, I’ve seen spontaneity," he said. "I’ve seen someone who’s incredibly personable in the one-on-one interaction and small groups."

"Because of that, it’s all the more curious that her top advisers, there’s all this hand-wringing about what she should say here and how the message will be perceived here. Is it too much?" Camerota asked.

Not at all, Jeffries replied, saying Clinton was the final decision-maker on her team.