Clinton Ignores ABC Reporter’s Repeated Questions About Whether She’ll Win Iowa

• January 29, 2016 3:59 pm


ABC reporter Jonathan Karl repeatedly asked Hillary Clinton on Friday whether she felt she would win the Democratic Iowa caucus, but Clinton ignored every question as she worked the rope line after an event.

Clinton has seen a large lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) slip during the past month in Iowa, where she also endured a difficult loss in 2008 to eventual nominee Barack Obama. Polls now show Clinton and Sanders are in a tight battle in the critical early state, and Sanders is also leading in New Hampshire.

"Secretary Clinton, what's it going to take to win?" Karl asked.

Clinton greeted supporters but didn't look at Karl, who was just a few feet away.

"So are you going to win?" Karl asked. "Are you going to win? What do you have to do between now and Monday to win, Secretary Clinton? You can at least tell me if you're going to win. You think you're going to win?"

There was still no answer from Clinton. Karl again asked if she thought she would win and what it would take, but Clinton went on taking pictures and talking to fans on the rope line.

"Yes, she's going to win!" a supporter said off-camera.

After Karl realized he wouldn't get an answer, another woman informed him that "unless you're a journalism student, she's not going to answer you."

Karl said he used to be a student, if not a journalism one.