CBS Yuma: 'We Have an Amnesty President'

ANCHOR: Here now, with local reaction to todays Supreme Court ruling is KSWT13 reporter Steven Commer. Steven.

STEVEN COMMER: Good afternoon, Stephanie. Yuma is, of course, a border town. The immigration issue is both complex and polarizing. Today I got reaction from law enforcement, an immigration attorney, and you.

WOMAN: We should get tough.

MAN: It’s unbelievable.

WOMAN: They should be required to carry those papers. Just like your driver's license and proof of insurance. It's not a big deal

COMMER:  BUT SB1070 is a big deal. Big enough for the US Supreme Court, and what US Justices necessary view as countless shades of grey, to many the issue is black and white.

WOMAN: If they are here, not supposed to be here, they are not illegal immigrants, they are invaders.

MAN: I think we have an amnesty president and our supreme court won't uphold our laws and our borders are open. We're in a recession, and I think we need a new president

COMMER: But immigration laws are far from simple.

KELLY SMITH: Immigration law is considered one of the most complex series of laws, second only to tax laws. Some people would argue maybe more.

COMMER: With such complex laws, and a much-anticipated Supreme Court ruling, one would think local law enforcement would be gearing up for some big changes. But that’s just not so.

CAPT. EBEN BRATCHER: We absolutely see zero impact on our day-to-day operations here. For some time, the Sheriff’s Office has been working closely with Border Patrol and if our officers encounter someone we suspect is in the country illegally, we call Border Patrol.

COMMER: While people remain divided on immigration policies, most agree on one point:

SMITH: Comprehensive immigration reform is needed. Of course, the problem is whether comprehensive immigration reform can be undertaken because of the political ramifications.

COMMER: Those ramifications are, of course, a reference to the 2012 elections. It would seem immigration reform is the hot potato neither side of the aisle wants to handle before November. As for local Border Patrol, they've been instructed not to talk to the media, at least for now. They're referring questions to the press office of Homeland Security in Washington. So far, our inquiry has gone unanswered.