Carville Says Benghazi Committee A Creation Of The Koch Brothers

• October 20, 2015 12:58 pm


James Carville decried the House Select Committee on Benghazi on Tuesday as nothing more than a product of the Koch brothers’ wishes.

"Why don't you see that this is true? Trey Gowdy is a creation of the Koch brothers and the whole climate denial industry," Carville said. "This committee was nothing but a creation of Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers."

Carville’s comment came when MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell asked how Hillary Clinton could not personally receive requests for more security from the U.S. embassy in Libya as secretary of state.

"This is a taxpayer funded–understand, taxpayer funded, partisan operation that they are running there," Carville said.

The former chief strategist of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign did not answer Mitchell’s questions regarding the Benghazi terrorist attack, instead opting to echo Democratic talking points on the partisan nature of the committee.

"They already exposed themselves for what they are," Carville said. "They are no more interested in finding out what happened then anything. All they interested in is driving her [Hillary Clinton’s] poll numbers down."

Carville reacted to a report sympathizing with Gowdy’s position to carry out the responsibilities of the committee while fighting accusations of malpractice.

"He got into Congress because the Koch brothers put him there," Carville said. "Fact-check it. I’m right here. Everybody fact-check it. Have Politico do a story about the connection between them. I'm fine with that. But don't send some over-your-head reporter to write, ‘Poor Trey Gowdy, isn't it terrible he's in the middle of a political fight.’"

Mitchell asked the findings of the committee, crediting Gowdy with discovering that Clinton’s private email server had classified information on it. Even though seven other committees looked into the matter, emails between Clinton and Sid Blumenthal regarding Libya were only discovered in the Select Benghazi Committee investigation.

Carville dismissed the server and Blumenthal questions and repeated that the issue was all a result of Koch money.

"Everybody knows going into this what this is. This was, you know, all as a result of pressure from Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers," Carville said. "We know where Trey Gowdy comes from. All of this stuff is in the public record. There's no doubt about it."