Bryan Cranston Delivers Strong Message to People Hoping Trump Fails: 'F**k You'

Bryan Cranston/ Getty Images
Bryan Cranston/ Getty Images
October 30, 2017

"Breaking Bad" actor Bryan Cranston, who has vehemently opposed President Donald Trump, scolded people for hoping that Trump's administration fails during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

Cranston supported Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and donated to her campaign in 2016, but he said that he's not rooting against Trump, despite saying last October that he would move to Canada if Trump won.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that Cranston has been opposed to Trump and then asked the actor whether his mind has changed during Trump's first year in office.

"It's just astonishing to me. President Trump is not the person who I wanted to be in that office, and I've been very open about that. That being said, he is the president. If he fails, the country is in jeopardy," Cranston said.

"It would be egotistical for anyone to say, 'I hope he fails.' To that person I would say, 'fuck you. Why would you want that? So you can be right?'" Cranston added.

He went on to discuss how he wants Trump to succeed, not fail, and that he would fully support anyone who has a "good idea" that helps the country.

"I don't care if you're a Republican and I'm a Democrat or whatever, I don't care. A good idea's a good idea. Let's do that," he said. "We've got to get away from this idea that our country is political football, and someone with a different opinion is the enemy. Assume they love this country as much as you do, and there's always room for improvement. How can we make it better?"

Cranston will be starring alongside Steve Carell and Laurence Fishburne in Last Flag Flying, a post-war drama being released on Nov. 3. The film, directed by Richard Linklater, follows three Vietnam War veterans on a road trip.

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