Booker Pounces on Warren’s Selfie Momentum

NJ senator says selfie taking ‘is what I went to college for’

New Jersey senator Cory Booker takes a post-debate selfie / Getty Images

Just hours after Elizabeth Warren posed for her 42,000th campaign selfie, Cory Booker released a video calling himself a "selfie professional."

Warren unveiled her selfie strategy in June to the left's widespread acclaim. USA Today noted the plan has "set [Warren] apart in the crowded field." GQ called it "savvy." NBC News praised its ability to systematize and optimize photo-taking for "maximum efficiency."

Booker, who trails Warren by 15 points in recent polling, has taken notice.

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The New Jersey senator shared a video Friday touting his own selfie record.

"I see a phone out, I have a reflexive instinct to just grab it, stop, switch, photo – here we go," said Booker.

"I'm a selfie professional," Booker added. "I got a Master's degree. This is what I went to college for."

Not all of Booker's selfie subjects appeared to agree with his assessment, with some seeming to fear for their technological privacy.

"Hold up. How'd you pop my camera?" asked one participant.

"Oh wait, oh wait," another exclaimed after Booker clutched her phone.

In another instance, Booker's selfie angle had to be corrected not once, but twice.

The Warren campaign did not respond to a request for comment on whether Booker's video poses a competitive threat to Warren's selfie plan. However, Warren has previously acknowledged that the 6-foot-2 Booker has longer arms, an asset he may use to surpass Warren as the primary's top selfie taker.

The general prioritization of campaign selfie-taking by Democratic candidates indicates a shift in party policy. Hillary Clinton previously called the selfie "impersonal," while former president Barack Obama banned selfies at a 2017 event.