Blumenthal on Clinton Not Using .Gov Email: ‘I Did Not Give It Any Thought’

• May 13, 2016 9:07 am


Longtime Hillary Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal talked with MSNBC's Chris Hayes about his relationship and exchange of emails with the ex-secretary of state on Thursday.

Hayes asked him whether or not he gave any thought to the fact that he was not emailing Clinton at a .gov address.

"When you emailed with Secretary Clinton at the time and were e-mailing her on that address, was there any part of you that noted it? That thought to yourself that this was not the dot Gov address? Maybe I shouldn't be doing that?" Hayes said.

Clinton used Blumenthal as a trusted informal adviser on national security issues even after he was blocked from a job at the State Department.

"No, I did not give it any thought," he said.

"No? No thought at all?" Hayes said. "This was where you emailed the secretary."

The State Department’s release of Clinton’s emails revealed the information exchanged between her and Blumenthal contained classified information.

"That was the email address I had. That is where I emailed her," he said.

Just before the interview ended, which also went into his new book about Abraham Lincoln, Hayes asked Blumenthal once again about his email communication with Clinton.

‘Do you still email with Hillary Clinton?" Hayes asked.

Blumenthal dodged the question but defined his relationship with Clinton by saying they are friends.

"Do I still email with Hillary Clinton? We're friends," he said.

"You can answer that," Hayes said.

Blumenthal declined to answer.

‘No, we're friends, we have been friends for 30 years," he said.