Bill Clinton Boasts: Hillary Ate Republicans' Lunch on 'That Benghazi Thing'

April 25, 2016

Former President Bill Clinton boasted on Monday that his wife Hillary Clinton ate Republicans' lunch on "that Benghazi thing."

"They had seven committees look into that Benghazi thing," Clinton said at a Connecticut rally. "The first six were honest committees, chaired by Republicans, they came up with the same thing. They said, ‘Look, yeah, there needs to be some changes made, but she's not responsible.’ No secretary of state has ever been responsible for security stuff. But she did immediately take responsibility for implementing the recommendations. End of story."

"Who cares that that's the only time in the history of the country [that] any party has ever politicized foreign policy and the loss of life in the service of America in that way?" Clinton said. "You never hear that in the press ... we know there's now a special committee which questioned her for 11 hours, and if I can be colloquial I think she ate their lunch because it was obvious that they were so political. They were so political."

Bill Clinton's trite dismissal of the investigations into the terrorist attacks in Benghazi is in line with the Clinton's efforts to sweep aside the controversy, which occurred while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

The effort has often been heavy-handed, as when Hillary Clinton exploded during testimony before a Senate committee on in 2013.

"What difference, at this point, does it make?" Clinton said when asked whether the attacks were the spontaneous outgrowth of a protest over a video, as she claimed at the time, or were an organized terrorist attack.