Biden Campaign Co-Chairman: ‘Do I Think The Answer To Harris’s Question Was Great? I Don’t’

Defends Biden's work during Obama administration

• June 30, 2019 8:50 am


Rep. Cedric Richmond (D., La.), co-chairman of Vice President Joe Biden's presidential campaign, admitted on Saturday that he thought Biden's answer to Sen. Kamala Harris's (D., Calif.) charges about busing was not "great."

He made the comments on the Rev. Al Sharpton's MSNBC weekend show where he was asked about Biden's unwillingness to apologize for his comments about working with segregationist senators.

Sharpton mentioned the moment as throwing the vice president's campaign into turmoil before introducing Richmond and asking him about his thoughts on Biden's statements on race and his clash with Harris.

Richmond defended Biden's record on the race and urged Sharpton and others to look to the future, not the past in an extensive response. He also pointed to the pointed to the vice president's time during the Obama administration.

"Everybody said if elected president, I'm going to do ‘X,'" Richmond said. "Everything they said, the vice president has already done."

He then listed a series of Biden's achievements as part of the Obama administration.

Towards the end of his response, Richmond directly addressed the debate.

"I think he had a solid performance, I really do," he said. "Do I think the answer to Senator Harris's question was great? I don't. But I don't think there was any answer you could give in 30 seconds to that real emotional moment the senator shared with the entire country."

Sharpton responded that they would have to "agree to disagree."