Bernie Sanders Tries to Defend Viability of His Socialist Proposals

• February 23, 2016 10:23 pm


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) dismissed criticism of his socialist economic proposals as coming from Hillary Clinton's campaign during CNN's Democratic Town Hall Tuesday night.

"As you're aware, four former chairs of the White House Council of Economic Advisors, all appointed by Democrats by the way, say there's no credible economic research that supports the positive impacts that you're touting," host Chris Cuomo said. "One of them goes as far to say that it's like, ‘Magic flying puppies with winning lotto tickets tied to their collars.’"

"Let me guess, those economists were organized by the Clinton campaign? A wild and crazy guess," Sanders said.

"No. They weren't–" Cuomo said.

"Well, we have well over a hundred, I think it's 130 economists and health care experts who will say exactly the same. Look Chris, you have enough experience to know, you can go to an economist, this one will say this, we got economists that say ‘Hey, what this country needs are more tax breaks for billionaires, et cetera, et cetera’." Sanders said. "Economists have different points of view. But we have documented how we pay."

These questions come as many leading figures in the Democratic party have challenged the main opposition to Hillary Clinton for his proposals of free education and health care. They have joined the growing number of economists who may support his ideas, but argue that there is no way to financially support these proposals.