America Is Polarized. One Thing Can Still Unite Us: Rooting for Joe Kennedy to Fail

Wet-mouthed scion of depraved political dynasty must not prevail

Election Day is fast approaching and the country remains as polarized as ever. Political meaning has been grafted onto every decision we make in our daily lives. To have the wrong opinion is to commit an act of violence. Refusing to take sides is just as harmful, if not more so, than picking the bad side.

ANALYSIS: Joe Biden Still Alive, Can Read

At convention, Hunter Biden honors late brother whose widow he consoled

Former vice president Joe Biden, a 77-year-old grandfather of seven (five acknowledged, two unacknowledged), formally accepted his party's nomination and delivered the primetime address to the Democratic convention Thursday evening.

LOCK HIM UP: Anti-Neocon Grifter Steve Bannon Indicted for Wall Fraud

'Sloppy Steve' busted two weeks after Elliott Abrams named special envoy to Iran

Steve Bannon, the anti-neocon grifter who successfully infiltrated the Trump administration before being exposed, has been indicted on federal charges for allegedly defrauding American patriots who thought they were donating money to fund construction of President Donald Trump's beautiful border wall.

Two of the Biggest Names in Democratic Sexual Deviance Address Party Convention

Two of the most powerful names in Democratic sexual deviance were featured back-to-back on the second night of the Democratic National Convention. Caroline Kennedy, the aristocrat daughter of former President John F. Kennedy, and her annoying son Jack Schlossberg addressed the virtual convention on Tuesday, followed immediately by former President Bill Clinton.