We ARRRR the 99 Percent

Drum circle ahoy!

Some members of the moribund Occupy Wall Street movement have left behind their land-loving brethren and taken to the sea, dubbing themselves "occu-pirates."

DNAinfo.com reports:

A scrappy crew of Occupy Wall Street veterans that call themselves ‘Occu-pirates' sailed out of the 79th Street Boat Basin once again on Saturday morning.

The destination was Staten Island, for one in a series of Occupy Wall Street events held in the five boroughs, that organizers have staged as town hall meetings, aimed at keeping the OWS message, and awareness of America's sinking middle class, afloat.

But the makeshift pirate ship, captain and crew, which made waves in New York City last week after the parks officials tried to give the floating drum circle the boot, saying they were violating public marina rules, didn't make it to their destination.