Donald Trump: ‘I Don’t Believe Anything, I See Things’

• June 21, 2016 8:15 am


Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump described Monday night how he does not personally believe anything but instead forms opinions based on his surroundings after he was asked if President Obama is hesitant to confront radical Islam because he sympathizes with the Muslim world.

Trump was discussing his recent insinuation after the Orlando terrorist attack that Obama is sympathetic to radical Islamic terrorists with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

"Do you believe there’s a personal component inside the president’s personality that sympathizes with the Muslim world and doesn’t want to taint the Muslim world with terrorism. Is that what it’s about?" O’Reilly asked Trump.

"I don’t believe anything. I see things," Trump said. "And whether it’s the Iran [nuclear] deal, whether it’s not wanting to mention the words radical Islam or radical Islamic terrorism or other things, Bill. You look at what’s going on. I mean it’s not a question of what I think, but you look at facts."

"This isn’t thinking. This is facts," Trump added.

The presumptive GOP nominee said he forms conclusions based on his observations rather than preconceived beliefs. He then suddenly turned his response to his main campaign theme that the United States is in a bad state and needs to be restored.

"If he were a great president, a great, great president, and you know that’s not gonna happen, I would be so thrilled if our real employment was at five percent or four percent or three percent. I would be so thrilled. But it’s not," Trump said. "Our country is in a horrible position in so many ways."

Trump described how American manufacturing has suffered because companies are "fleeing the country with jobs" before returning to what he argues is Obama’s weak response to radical Islamic terrorism.

"How do you solve a problem if you’re unwilling to discuss it or unwilling to name it?" Trump asked. "Drones are one thing, but drones are not going to solve the problem."

O’Reilly agreed that the president needs to be tougher on terrorism.