This Week in Leftist Violence and Intimidation Vol. 11

New York sanitation workers cleaning up anti-police graffiti / Getty Images
November 8, 2020

This week, radical protests against law enforcement and the American system included church vandalism, attacks on cops, and harassment of city officials who aren't toeing the left-wing line.

6. Denver Protesters Call for End to America

A day after Americans cast their ballots in the 2020 election, protesters in Denver called for the end of our democratic republic, chanting, "No borders, no walls, no USA at all!" Local police ended up arresting eight demonstrators suspected of assault and weapons violations, while some local businesses were vandalized.

"Death to fascism and the liberalism that enables it" was written on the banner protesters carried.

5. National Guard Deployed to Confront Portland Rioters

Authorities in Portland declared a riot and deployed the National Guard to confront those the governor called "self-styled anarchist protesters," who smashed windows and threw a firework at law enforcement officers. The riot led to 12 arrests, and police seized a loaded rifle with a full magazine from one of the arrestees. Gov. Kate Brown (D.) said the group had "no discernible goal other than to cause violence and vandalism."

4. Over 50 Protesters Arrested in New York City Day After Election

On the day after the election, the New York City Police Department arrested more than 50 anti-Trump and anti-police protesters who lit street fires and chucked objects at officers.

3. Woman Charged After Spitting in NYPD Sergeant's Face

An anti-police protester spit in the face of an NYPD sergeant during a post-election protest and was promptly arrested. She has been arrested twice before during anti-police protests in September and October and is not a New York resident.

2. Portland Protesters Intimidate City Commissioner Who Voted Against Defunding Police

Portland protesters marched to the home of a city commissioner after he voted down an amendment to defund the police. Participants shone bright lights and threw objects at the house, shattering glass and breaking a flower pot. Law enforcement declared an unlawful assembly and dispersed the group, arresting two. Mayor Ted Wheeler (D.) later called the demonstration "reprehensible."

1. Antifa Smashes Church’s Windows, Halting Homeless Outreach

Vandals in Portland, part of a protest group chanting "all cops are bastards" and "black lives matter," smashed the windows of St. André Bessette Catholic Church, which is known for sheltering and feeding the homeless. The damage to the building forced the parish to close its shelter.

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