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Surge Of Western Girls Flee To Middle East To Join With ISIL

The British government reported that more than 50 young girls have fled to Syria to fight with or marry fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS).

Families of these girls were left shocked and confused by their fleeing daughters, and are desperately working to return them home.

CBS This Morning profiled 15-year-old Yusra Usain, who fled her home in a Somali community of western England to fight with ISIL.

"Yusra, we are missing you," her mother said in a video. "If you’re watching this, please contact us. You’re not in any trouble and we’re not angry with you. We just want you home."

Steven Pomerantz, the former leader of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, says Yusra displays similar characteristics of other young Muslims ISIL is recruiting through social media.

"They're also looking for excitement. They're looking for adventure. They're looking for social acceptance," Pomerantz said.

"They see, they hear, they hear the message, they hear the appeal, and they are susceptible to it," he added. "So, again, it's a variety. There are magazines, there are online websites that they can go to."

Pomerantz also explained some young women want to marry ISIL fighters to produce "jihadist children," who will carry on the Islamic State’s fight.

According to CNN, ISIL has elite all-female brigades fighting in Iraq and Syria.