National Security

Rubio: Russia and China Should Not Dictate U.S. Foreign Policy

Ahead of President Obama’s press conference in the East Room on the Iran nuclear deal, Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) and the rest of the Republicans are preparing a strong response against the Iran deal. Rubio said the strategy is to get Democrats to see the deal for what it really is.

Because of the nuclear deal and the relaxing of the sanctions in five years, Iran will be able to receive imports of arms and will have billions of dollars to use for the sponsorship of terror. Rubio said that as he read the documents from the nuclear deal, he noted that there was not a lot of detail about how the inspections are going to happen.

Rubio called the deal a major issue and not a simple domestic issue. Rubio predicted that Iran would become a nuclear power in the next 10 years, and said that if any colleagues who support the deal need to answer for history.

Host Martha MacCallum asked Rubio about what would happen if the United States pushes for harder sanctions against the country and if he thought China and Russia would not be on board with that plan.

"I don’t think the foreign policy of the United States should be determined by what Russia and China are willing to do," Rubio said.

Rubio added that what was best would be for the security interests for the U.S. He took a quick hit at Obama saying that the president does not seem to be worried about the future behavior of Iran.

Rubio closed out that once the deal was announced that one did not see video of celebrations in America or in Israel but all from inside of Iran. He added it was because that the Iranians knew the deal was one-sided.