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Report: Jerusalem Terror Attack Injures Americans

Jerusalem / AP

American citizens are believed to have been injured during a terrorist attack Wednesday morning in Jerusalem.

A terrorist affiliated with Hamas was reported to have driven a car into a large crowd of people waiting for the Jerusalem light rail to arrive. At least eight people are reported to have been injured, including Americans and a baby that received critical injuries.

Some reports state that the injured baby later died at the hospital, though that detail has not yet been officially confirmed.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat told Israel’s Channel 1 news station that three of those injured were American citizens, though their identities have yet to be disclosed.

The attack has led to questions as to whether the United States can responsibly carry out the rebuilding of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, which was damaged this year after the terrorist group launched a war on Israel.

Reporters in Jerusalem claim that Hamas was behind the attack and that the attacker may have been one of the many terrorists recently released from prison by Israel as part of a good faith gesture towards fostering peace.

State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf told reporters this afternoon that she was not aware of reports stating that some of those injured were Americans.

"I was not aware of that," Harf told reporters who had asked about the incident.

However, the Obama administration is "concerned" about the attack.

"Obviously condemn any such acts," Harf said. "The Israelis are currently looking into the incident. We are in touch with them. And we’ll see what more information we can get. Also urge all sides to exercise restraint and maintain calm. But we don’t have more details on it."