Reid Campaign Sees Green

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid wants to see more money pumped into green energy firms that have shelled out thousands to his campaign.

The longtime Democratic leader denied that solar and wind power are more expensive than coal, oil, or natural gas, despite rates that are double typical electricity prices.

Pattern Energy’s CEO is Mike Garland, who is a backer of WindPAC, which has contributed $15,000 to Reid over the past few years. ... First Solar has received $3 billion in loan guarantees from the U.S. government to support its various projects.

First Solar’s former CEO, Robert Gillette, was a big contributor to Honeywell PAC, which gave $5,000 to Harry Reid’s campaign in 2009 alone and nearly $10,000 in prior years. That PAC gave more than $20,000 to Harry’s Searchlight Leadership Fund. It also gave thousands to the Senate Majority Fund, while Harry was the majority leader.

Gillette was replaced by company Chairman Michael Ahearn, who, along with his wife, has given $123,000 to various Democratic candidates in recent years. He also gave a few thousand to the Solar Energy Industry Association PAC, which gave generously to, you guessed it, Harry Reid. There were also a few donations for the Senate campaign of one Ken Salazar, now Interior Secretary and big backer of "green" energy.