Obama’s Ineffective Investigators

• May 22, 2012 12:17 pm


Liberal activists are lambasting a "special unit" tasked by President Obama with investigating mortgage fraud as under-staffed and ineffective.

Politico reports:

"We’re not talking about putting people in jail by executive order," said Becky Bond, political director at CREDO Action. "We’re just talking about putting a couple thousand investigators on the case. We believe if there’s a full investigation, that’ll result in criminal charges."

Senior administration officials and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said they’re busy behind the scenes doubling their team to more than 100 federal and state financial experts and drawing on staff in 10 U.S. attorneys offices around the country. Matthew Stegman, an assistant U.S. attorney, has been tapped as the group’s lead coordinator, according to three sources familiar with the task force’s work.

By comparison, the team that probed Enron had more than 100 investigators, and the team that dealt with the aftermath of the 1980s Savings & Loan crisis was assigned more than 1,000 investigators.

Last week, the Campaign for a Fair Settlement released a Public Policy Polling survey that showed a majority of likely voters in Arizona, Nevada, and North Carolina disapprove of Obama’s housing efforts, as do almost half of all likely voters in Florida and Pennsylvania—all key swing states in the upcoming election.