Obama Regulation Fiction

"Flack checkers" at the University of Pennsylvania have called President Barack Obama’s assertion that he has supported less regulation than his predecessor one of the "worst [fibs] of 2012."

On June 14 Obama told supporters that he had "approved fewer regulations in the first three years of my presidency than my Republican predecessor [George W. Bush] did in his."

The fact checkers at the college’s Annenberg Public Policy Center confirmed that Bush implemented 45 more regulations than Obama did in his first term. Researchers, however, said the number is not as important as the cost. Obama’s regulations cost $18.8 billion—more than four times more than Bush’s $4.3 billion rules.

"It’s like saying I am better read than my friend because I read three vampire novels to his one War and Peace," the Flackcheck.org video says. "I guess I could say that stuff, but it’d be pretty embarrassing."

See the full video below: