National Security

Obama Administration Comms Director: Trump Deserves Credit for North Korea Negotiations

Former Obama White House communications director Jennifer Psaki gave credit to President Donald Trump Thursday for an apparent breakthrough on potential direct talks with North Korea.

"He has broken the fever that's existed for some time on whether we should or should not directly negotiate," Psaki said on CNN.

The consensus that the United States should not directly negotiate is a bipartisan one that has existed for decades, but some people think it should be challenged.

"That's something that many people in the Obama administration thought we should have considered more. In that sense, he deserves credit," Psaki continued.

She continued by saying that, while the upcoming talks are preferable to war or taking military action on North Korea, the big question is "what next?"

"We can give credit for breaking the fever, we can give credit for this being better than military action, but I think we shouldn't get further ahead of ourselves," she said.