Navy to Ban Fried Food

Sailors cry #ThanksMichelleObama

July 16, 2015

Sailors are blaming First Lady Michelle Obama after a report revealed that the Navy is preparing a full ban on fried food.

Vocativ reports:

The First Lady doesn’t set nutrition policy for the nation’s fleets. But that hasn’t stopped more than two dozen critics—many of them current and former Navy personnel—from flooding a Navy Times Facebook thread to blame FLOTUS, who has made combating obesity and promoting healthy eating her signature issues.

Comments included, "Is Michelle Obama now playing big sister to the military hotline?" and "First the kids, now the troops."

"Seriously. Sounds like MICHELLE OBAMA strikes again," a former Navy Intelligence Specialists opined.

The Navy Times reported that the Navy would soon stop frying chicken, French fries, and shrimp, and instead bake them in "state-of-the-art ovens."

"Whole milk will be replaced by skim and soy; fruits and vegetables will be on prominent display," the report noted. "The fast line will remain, but its offerings will be cut back.

"And this is just the beginning."

The report also said the military’s "Go for Green" healthy eating campaign will "become the standard" for all mess halls, on land and at sea.

The Department of Defense has been touting its "Go for Green" healthy eating campaign for years, which gives red alerts for foods like bacon and apple pie. "Limit intake" warnings accompany deserts and fried foods through the program.

According to Vocativ, the fried food ban is set take effect in 2017.

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