More Americans Blame Hamas for Current Conflict

Clear partisan divide seen in polling on Israel-Hamas conflict

A Palestinian militant affiliated with Hamas / AP

More than twice as many Americans blame Hamas for the current conflict than blame Israel; however, this division is far less clear among Democratic voters, according to a new Pew Research poll.

Forty percent of Americans blame Hamas for the violence in the region, compared to just 19 percent that blame Israel.

Among Democrats that were polled, the margin shrinks drastically with 29 percent putting the blame on Hamas and 26 putting it on Israel, with 18 percent saying that the two parties share responsibility.

Republicans on the other hand blame Hamas by a wide margin of 60-13 percent.

Only 25 percent of respondents believe that Israel has gone too far in its response, and 35 percent think that their response has been just right. An additional 13 percent believe that Israel has not gone far enough.

Forty-four percent of liberal democrats say that Israel has gone too far in responding to the conflict.