Michael Moore Launches Website for Whistleblowers Called ‘TrumpiLeaks’

Michael Moore
Michael Moore / AP
• June 6, 2017 9:46 am


Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore on Tuesday launched a new secure website for whistleblowers to share information about the Trump administration.

TrumpiLeaks, named after WikiLeaks, aims to provide a safe space for "patriotic Americans in government, law enforcement, or the private sector with knowledge of the crimes, lies, and general misconduct committed by Donald J. Trump and his associates," according to the website.

The site encourages users to use the end-to-end encrypted messaging apps Signal, Perrio, and WhatsApp to securely send information. Moore has also provided an encrypted email and P.O. box for users looking to remain anonymous instead of going to the post office.

Moore, the creator of the documentary film Fahrenheit 9/11, wrote a letter published in the Huffington Post explaining his reasons for launching TrumpiLeaks, writing that it is "[Americans'] patriotic duty" to fight back against Trump.

"Donald Trump thinks he's above the law. He acts like he's the above the law. He's STATED that he's above the law," Moore wrote before presenting a "four-front" strategy plan to combat the president.

"1. Mass Citizen Action 2. Take Him To Court Nonstop 3. YOU Run for Office 4. An Army of Satire," Moore added.

Moore acknowledged that whistleblowing is "risky" but promised he will protect those who come forward, likening himself to the founding fathers.

"I know this is risky. I knew we may get in trouble. But too much is at stake to play it safe. And along with the founding fathers, I've got your back," Moore said.

Moore's website was launched one day after the Justice Department announced charges against a federal contractor who allegedly leaked classified information to a news outlet alleging the Russian military launched a cyber attack before the 2016 election.

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