McCaul: Obama Weak, Disinterested in National Security

Homeland Security Chair: President does not attend 'many' of his national security briefings

November 14, 2013

Chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security Mike McCaul (R., Texas) accused President Obama of being weak and disinterested in national security Thursday at the Heritage Foundation.

McCaul evidenced his charge by telling the gathered press that President Obama does not attend "many" of his national security briefings:

MIKE MCCAUL: The long and short of it is, the leadership starts at the top. And when the leadership denies reality and tries to wish things away, and creates a narrative that defies reality its very hard to work in a bipartisan way. At the end of the day, national security issues above all should be bipartisan. I have attempted to govern my committee, as chairman of Homeland Security in a bipartisan way. In fact every bill that I’ve gotten out of my committee has passed in a bipartisan way, and I think that’s the way we need to govern. I think that’s important that we try to do that. Certainly, when it comes to national security issues we should. I just personally think this president is weak on national security, and I don’t think frankly he’s interested in it. It’s not where his interest lies, which is why he doesn’t attend many of his national security briefings.