Mattis on Possible Military Response to Syria: ‘I Don’t Rule Out Anything Right Now’

Secretary of Defense James Mattis said that he wouldn't rule out anything in regards to how to respond to another reported chemical weapons attack by the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria.

While speaking to reporters Monday, Mattis blasted Russia over its role to oversee the removal of chemical weapons from Syria due to a past agreement struck in 2013. The latest attack over the weekend reportedly killed dozens of people in a rebel-held suburb of Damascus.

"Can you rule out taking action, launching airstrikes against Assad, Mr. Secretary?" a reporter asked.

"I don't rule out anything right now," Mattis said.

A year ago, Trump ordered airstrikes against a Syrian air base in response to a use of chemical weapons on civilians.

Trump took to Twitter on Sunday, calling out "Animal Assad" and his supporter, Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump also promised to take action, warning of a "big price to pay."