Matthews: Please Adjust Your Evening Schedule and Watch ‘The Show of My Dreams’

'Hardball' host compares his 'big ask' to a marriage proposal

MSNBC host Chris Matthews concluded his Monday show by rolling out his "big ask" that viewers of the 5 PM "Hardball" hour would adjust their schedules and watch his show at 7 PM.

The "Hardball" host likened his request to a major life moment, such as a marriage proposal:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let me finish tonight with this. I want to conclude the show tonight with a big ask. Starting next Monday, that's next Monday, "Hardball," the show of my dreams, is going to be on at 7:00 eastern. That's every night Monday through Friday at 7:00 eastern, not at 5:00. So what my big ask is, that you adjust your evening ritual. Believe me I know it's a sweet time of day, to share company with me at 7:00. It's going to be our one hour to share our points of view on what's happening in the country. I know from experience and from the political world in which I've lived the importance of asking. You ask to borrow the car from your dad, you ask a girl to a date, you ask someone to marry you. Ultimately if you're lucky, you ask, and now I'm asking you. I'd really appreciate it after all these years for you to share your time with me starting as soon as possible for you at 7:00. I'll have the news, I'll have the analysis, I'll have my attitude, as we say in Philly, my attitude, my passion to make this a better country. With you aboard sharing your good time with me, we're going to keep trying to get it right. And oh yeah, what I say to everyone who's kind enough to say hello to me when I'm on on vacation, when you bump into me in D.C. or New York or Philly or somewhere else, it's this, thanks for being part of all of this. That's "Hardball" for now, thanks for being with us. "Politics Nation with Al Sharpton" starts right now.

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