Marines Slam SecNav on Facebook for Politically Correct Policies

'You are singlehandedly crippling the Marine Corps more than anyone since 1775'

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus
Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus / AP
January 11, 2016

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has been the target of overwhelming criticism on social media in recent days for what numerous commenters describe as politically correct policies that will harm the Marine Corps.

Countless comments criticizing Mabus have been published on social media, and particularly on the Navy secretary’s own public Facebook page following reports that he ordered the Navy and Marine Corps to ban position titles with the word "man" to ensure gender neutrality.

"I am extremely disappointed with your leadership of the Department of the Navy. It is especially disconcerting to read of your efforts to ‘de-gender’ [Military Occupational Specialties] in the Navy and Marines.  In light of current events this can only be seen as a petty bit of vindictive payback for the Marine Corps’ commitment to reality-based standards for entrance into the most physically demanding MOS,"  Joe Therriault, a retired Navy Reserve commander, wrote.

"We serve, fight and sacrifice for our country for our Shipmates and fellow Marines and for the traditions of the sea services. These were built by the blood, sweat, tears, and passions of the men and women who have gone before us. Your Orwellian efforts dishonors them.  The United States Navy and Marine Corps shall endure with its traditions intact. You sir, shall be forgotten."

Mabus has been vocal in his push to open all combat roles up to women regardless of a Marine Corps study that showed female service members perform worse than their male counterparts in combat operations. In a memo to Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller earlier this month, Mabus gave the service 15 days to develop a "detailed plan" to make its entry-level boot camp and Officer Candidate School co-ed.

Kevin Woods, a former Marine Corps squad leader, via Facebook
Kevin Woods, a former Marine Corps squad leader, via Facebook


Many commenters likewise accused the Navy secretary of prioritizing political correctness over the strength of the Marine Corps.

Larry Allard, retired corporal, via Facebook
Larry Allard, retired corporal, via Facebook

"You are single-handedly crippling the Marine Corps more than any one single event or person has since 1775," Jason Abrams, another former Marine, also wrote. "The blood that will be shed from your absolutely ridiculous policies will lie on your hands at the end of the day. You are needlessly reducing the efficiency of the entire Corps and crippling what was once known to be the world’s finest fighting force, all to appease gentrification and the politically correct agenda you are trying to push."

There are virtually no comments praising Mabus for his effort to fully integrate women into the force. One former infantryman wrote on Facebook that Mabus and Defense Secretary Ash Carter, who ordered all combat jobs open to women last month, should be fired for their policies.

"You are, by far, the biggest failure of a SecNev in the history of the a United States. You are a disgrace to the United States Naval Service, and unfit to be in any sort of leadership position. Both yourself and Ash Carter should be immediately stripped of your positions replaced with competent, strong individuals with the greater good of the United States in mind," Micky Garmsir, an infantryman in the 1st Battalion 6th Marines, wrote.

Last month, Carter gave the services until Jan. 1  to present plans to open up all roles to women. His announcement overruled recommendations from Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and former Marine Corps commandant, that ground combat jobs remain closed to women.

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