Marine Corps Approves Uniform Changes

U.S. Marines in Afghanistan wearing MCCUU's / Getty Images


The U.S. Marine Corps has authorized new uniform changes, including some updates for increased practicality.

The changes were approved by the Marine Corps' Uniform Board and were announced last week.

Among the changes is the addition of authorized breast insignia for operators of unmanned aerial vehicles. The insignia, when earned, will be worn on the top left by officers and enlisted personnel. Further decisions over the insignia will be published via separate correspondence.

Marines will now be allowed to tuck their combat utility uniform (MCCUU) blouse into their trousers when it is necessary for the handling of equipment. It might be necessary, for instance, because when wearing a belt with a sidearm, an untucked uniform blouse can impede the handling of a firearm in an emergency.

Marines will also be held responsible for maintaining their own watchcap, MCCUU gloves and inserts instead of the items being managed and distributed by a larger group.

Additional announcements pertaining the changes will be announced moving forward.

Jack Heretik

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