King: Original Talking Points from CIA Were Different from Final

House Intel chair: Petraeus testifies that original talking points included al Qaeda involvement


House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Peter King (R., N.Y.) said Friday that the original talking points provided by the Central Intelligence Agency were different from the final talking points put out by the administration, after testimony from former CIA director David H. Petraeus.

King said Petraeus testified that the original talking points produced by the CIA discussed al Qaeda involvement in the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Benghazi that left four Americans dead.

"The original talking points were much more specific about al Qaeda involvement, and the final ones just said indications of extremists," King said. "(It) said indicate event though there was clearly evidence to the CIA that there was al Qaeda involvement."

"(Petraeus) said it went through a long process, through many agencies, through the Department of Justice, through the State Department, and no one knows, yet, exactly who came up with the final version of the talking points," King said. "Other than to say that the original talking points prepared by the CIA were different from the ones that were finally put out."

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