Howard Buffett Attacks Obamacare

Son of Obama supporter criticizes incumbent

• May 7, 2012 2:08 pm


Howard Buffett, the son of liberal billionaire Warren, criticized Obamacare and the political process that led to its passage, in an interview with Bloomberg:

REPORTER: Are you a supporter of the president?

HOWARD BUFFETT: I’ve been disappointed in some of the things that have been done. You know, but I’m not in the business of being a political analyst or anything else.

REPORTER: But just as a concerned American citizen?

BUFFETT: Yeah, I think there’s been judgments made that have been very good, and I there’s been some that haven’t been very good. When you’re president, that’s what happens to you–nobody likes everything that you do.

REPORTER: Well, give me an example of both—what do you think he’s done well, and what do you think he’s done not so well?

BUFFETT: I think it was a big mistake for him to put so much political capital in trying to push through the health care bill the way he did. I think he paid a price for that. And to make that more specific, one of the things we try to do at our foundation is really try to get health care for our staff and our employees, and it had a negative effect on—in terms of what it cost us to provide health care, and actually it almost kicked us into a—because we provide 100 percent cost-coverage—it almost kicked us into a bracket where the employee was going to get penalized significantly for that.