Former CIA Director: Multiple Countries May Be Behind Political Hacks

January 3, 2017

Former CIA Director James Woolsey said on Tuesday that multiple countries may be behind the hackings into American political computer systems during the 2016 election.

Woolsey said on CNN that it is difficult to determine who was behind the cyber attacks but Russia was probably involved–and likely not alone.

"It's not like taking a number at a bakery and standing in line to politely get your dozen cookies you want to buy; it's more like a bunch of jackals at the carcass of an antelope," said Woolsey, an adviser to President-elect Donald Trump. "Is it Russian? Probably some. Is it some Chinese and Iranian? Maybe. Who knows?"

"But it shouldn't be portrayed as one guilty party, it's much more complicated than that," Woolsey continued.

CNN host Chris Cuomo asked Woolsey what it is that Trump, who Woolsey previously endorsed, knows that the intelligence community does not. The intelligence community has said Moscow was responsible for the hacks, while Trump has doubted that assertion.

"He could have people talking to him from within the system," Woolsey said. "I've had a couple talk to me."

Woolsey went on to say again he believes it is more likely that multiple countries are behind the attacks as opposed to just one, such as Russia.

Woolsey directed the CIA  for two years under President Bill Clinton.

President Obama has expelled 35 Russian officials from the United States in retaliation for the hackings and imposed additional sanctions on Russia.