Feinstein Says There’s Still No Evidence of Collusion Between Trump Camp and Russia

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.), who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said she had seen no evidence of collusion between President Donald Trump's associates and Russia during the 2016 campaign.

CNN host Wolf Blitzer recalled Feinstein previously saying she hadn't seen any evidence of collusion and asked her on Thursday: "Has anything changed since we spoke last?"

"No it hasn't," Feinstein responded on Blitzer's show "Situation Room."

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Feinstein touted newly-named special counsel Robert Mueller as "sophisticated." Blitzer responded by continuing to press her on whether she saw any evidence of collusion.

"I just want to be precise Senator…¬†All the access you've had to very sensitive information. So far, you've not seen any evidence of collusion. Is that right?" he asked.

"Well, evidence that would establish that there's collusion," Feinstein said before citing "rumors" and "newspaper stories" apparently suggesting collusion.

The Senate Intelligence Committee requested on Wednesday that the FBI hand over any documents that detailed conversations former FBI Director James Comey had with the administration regarding the agency's Russia investigation, Politico reported.