Dem Rep: ‘A Lot’ of GOP Support For Israel ‘Has To Do With Fundraising’

House Speaker John Boehner has received quite a bit of flak from liberals for inviting Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to come and speak a dual session of Congress in March.

Congressman John Yarmuth, a Kentucky Democrat, feels that some of the members' support for Israel has to deal with fundraising.

"I am totally outraged at Speaker Boehner for doing it, I think it’s, it was deliberately designed to undermine the president — that’s close to subversion," Yarmuth said on the Stephanie Miller Show.

Yarmuth said he also found Bibi's speech in 2011 "inappropriate on so many levels." Yarmuth is a Jewish member of Congress and claims to be a strong supporter of Israel.

H/T: Buzzfeed