Dan Senor Crushes Liberal Talking Points on The Iran Deal

The framework for the nuclear agreement with Iran promises to lift sanctions and allow the country to continue to enrich uranium with half of the operations centrifuges it built illegally.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is set to finish its Iran nuclear review bill and send it to the House this week.

Foreign Policy Initiative’s Dan Senor highlighted three countries in the Middle East and how United States involvement has damaged them. Senor said that the United States went into Iraq and had major involvement, and the country remains unstable.

In Libya, the United States went into the country and got out right away. In Syria, the United States deliberately avoided involvement, and the country is attacking its own people.

"There are places that we did not even go into that are on fire," Senor said.

Bill Maher suggested Senor wanted the Middle East to have a civil war amongst itself. Senor said that it already happening, especially in Yemen, where the Sunnis are fighting the Shiites in a proxy war. Saudi Arabia is arming one side and Iran is arming the other.

Maher also suggested that there should be inspectors in Iran’s nuclear facilities, but Iran has not agreed to this idea. Once the initial framework was agreed upon, the Foreign Minister of Iran said the American version of the fact sheet was completely untrue.

Senor said that it feels like there are two different versions of the deal: a Persian version and an American version.