Condi Rice on Iran: ‘You Absolutely Can’t Trust Them’

Rice: ‘I do not think this regime has changed its ambitions’

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sat down with CBS’s Norah O’Donnell and Charlie Rose Wednesday morning to discuss the current nuclear weapons situation in Iran.

Speaking about Iran’s credibility, Rose asked Rice if the nation could be trusted. "You can’t believe them or trust them," Rice responded "because the have done everything to make sure they can’t be trusted. They hid their nuclear for decades. They have given the international atomic energy agency the runaround. I negotiated myself with the P5 plus 1. You absolutely can’t trust them."

O’Donnell reported that Rouhani claims the Obama administration tried to set up a meeting with him five times, but the Iranians rejected it. Rice pointed out that Obama’s five attempts to meet with Rouhani make him "look desperate."

Asked if an Iranian policy change is possible, Rice said "I do not think this regime has changed its ambitions." She warned "Remember: you cannot leave the Iranians with nuclear capability, leave them with an option for a nuclear weapon later on, because you leave them with the ability to reprocess and enrich their uranium."