Charlie Hebdo Writer Holds Up Muhammed Cover on Sky News; Network Cuts Away and Apologizes

January 14, 2015

Sky News took its cowardice in regards to displaying cartoons portraying the prophet Muhammad to another level this afternoon.

A writer for Charlie Hebdo went on the UK television station to discuss the newspaper's first issue since their office was attacked by radical Islamic terrorists. She condemned the station for not supporting the efforts of free journalism.

Caroline Fourest was visibly upset on the program when she said, "I’m very sad, very sad that journalists in UK do not support us, that journalists in UK betray what journalism is about by thinking that people cannot be grown enough to decide if a drawing is offending or not. Because you are not even showing it."

Just as Fourest made her comments, she found a way to display the silliness of Sky News. Fourest held up the cover of Charlie Hebdo titled "All is Forgiven" depicting the prophet Mohammed holding up a "Je Suis Charlie" sign.

As the camera began to pan out to show the image, Sky News immediately cut away from the video.

The anchor at the station explained, "We at Sky News have chosen not to show that cover, so we’d appreciate it, Caroline, not showing that."

"I do apologize,"  she continued, "for any of our viewers who may have been offended by that."

Sky News apologized to viewers for the demonstration of free speech and freedom of expression due to their worry to offend a few who may take issue with a rather tame cartoon.


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