Carney on Obama's Red Line in Syria: 'We Were Not Bluffing'

White House spokesman Jay Carney was asked why the Syrian opposition still has not received any military aid six weeks after the U.S established that the red line in Syria had been crossed:

Q: One on Syria and one on Turkey. Quickly on Syria. According to latest credible reports, Syrian opposition still have not received any kind of military aid from your government. My question is, it has been six weeks now that the U.S. government accepted that the red line has been crossed, and it has been months (inaudible) defense secretary mentioned that.

So my question is, unless your government was bluffing, what kind of game-changing steps (inaudible) are you going to take? Or are you still determining (inaudible)

JAY CARNEY: Well, as I said earlier, in -- in keeping with the president's announcement of our stepped up assistance to the Supreme Military Council, we are going to consult with Congress to -- on these matters and -- and we intend to provide that stepped up assistance. I don't have, you know, any more details for that on you. But we were not bluffing. The president was very serious, as I think he made clear.

And, you know, I think that -- well, I'll just say that we continue consult with Congress on this matter because it's very important.