Bob Kerrey Checks Out

‘I barely want to be’ a senator

Democratic Nebraska Senate candidate and former governor Bob Kerrey does not seem too concerned about his Republican opponent Deb Fischer’s 56 to 38 percent lead in the polls. According to a feature profile of Kerrey at Bloomberg:

Between sips of an iced latte at a Starbucks in Omaha, Democrat Bob Kerrey counts the ways the odds are stacked against his bid to return to the U.S. Senate. …

"All taken together, it’s a tough race," said Kerrey, 68, who lamented that he has been unable to raise much money from the types of donors who get behind an expected victor. "At the moment, it’s not likely that anybody who’s going to contribute to me says: ‘I’m going to contribute to him because I think he’s going to win.’"

Kerrey, who has lived in New York City for the past decade, may be squatting in a guest house in order to fulfill residency requirements for his campaign:

When he returned to Nebraska to run again for the Senate, the Republican Party brought a challenge to his residency that went to the state Supreme Court.

Kerrey won the challenge in March, though the case highlighted that he used his sister’s address for voter registration before shifting to the guest house of a Democratic donor. … Kerrey said he’s about to complete the purchase of a home in Omaha and that the issue is overblown.

Nevertheless, Kerrey explains that when it comes to serving the state of Nebraska, he is "willing to do it":

"I’m not running because I need to be a senator," he said. "In fact, I barely want to be. I’m willing to do it because I’m worried about our country. There’s a set of problems that aren’t going to be solved unless people are willing to compromise."